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Teleflora's XOXO Bouquet with Red Roses

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XOXO is shorthand for lots of hugs and kisses, which is what you'll get when you send your lady love this charming 3-in-1 bouquet: spectacular flowers, a stylish red vase she'll treasure and a love bracelet she'll love forever.

  • Orientation : One-Sided

  • All prices in CAD ($)

  • Standard


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Teleflora's XOXO Bouquet with Red Roses Vase

The romantic ceramic vase with its expandable XOXO bracelet is from Teleflora's celebrated Flowers-in-a-Gift collection. Two lasting reminders of your love.

Standard size, 16 1/4 inches height and 15 1/4 inches wide.

Standard - $86.89

Deluxe size, 16 3/4 inches height and 16 and a half inches wide.

Deluxe - $96.89

Premium size, 17 inches height and 17 inches wide.

Premium - $106.89